Facts & Figures

56,183 jobs available across the region
18,214 vacancies from over 1,800 employers in the last 12 months
£30.8k Average wage

Construction is one of the fastest growing sectors in Essex, but it's much more than you might think! It's not just about laying bricks, and it's not just for men... So what is it?

Construction in Essex is a big deal!

The construction sector in Essex is growing fast. 

  • Annual construction jobs in the past 15 years have hovered around 70,000 
  • Annual construction demand in the next 15 years is forecast to increase to between 90,000 and 100,000 

Modern methods of construction are revolutionising the way things are built, so all sorts of new skills are needed to work on exciting projects across the county, and beyond. On top of that, some construction professions (metal workers, electronic trades, project management roles) could see a third of their workforce retire in the next 10 years. 

A career in construction means that you'll be part of a global industry with loads of exciting and rewarding construction jobs to choose from. With opportunities to travel across the world, you could find yourself working in a professional role, using the latest technology or contributing to some of Essex's multi-million pound projects like the new power plant or Lower Thames Rail Crossing.


'Construction is a sector only for men'


Over 200,000 women are employed in construction across the UK and many more are being encouraged into the sector!



Listen to what some of the team at Balfour Beatty have to say about what life is like at Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty and me - YouTube 


What job is right for you?

Try this career explorer to find out what jobs in construction might suit you!


A career in Green Construction


Retrofit adverts from Essex County Council



Retrofit is a new and exciting sector which makes homes energy efficient and provides new job opportunities.

Essex County Council are providing fully funded courses in Retrofit with guaranteed interviews at the end of the course. Start a new career today! Apply now

What is Retrofit?

Retrofitting adds new technology or features to homes to make them energy efficient. As the UK works to reduce co2 emissions retrofitting our homes and buildings plays an important role in this. We need skilled people in retrofit, the Understanding Domestic Retrofit Course will provide a solid understanding of domestic retrofit and is perfect for anyone wanting to enter the industry. You don’t need qualifications to apply.

This is an online course, to be eligible for a funded place on the course, you need to live or work in Essex. Enrolling is easy simply fill out the online form


Get qualified now for FREE! 

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