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An Apprenticeship is a paid job, with a contract of employment that offers off-the-job training.

You will have time away from the workplace to work  towards job-specific qualifications which will help you to launch  your career  

You can start an Apprenticeship whether you are leaving School or College, want a career change, or are upskilling in your current job.

What is an Apprenticeship?

There is no upper age limit to become an apprentice Apprenticeships are available for anyone over 16, for certain roles an apprentice may have to be over the age of 18
Apprenticeship last a minimum of 12 months Depending on the apprenticeship level the duration of an apprenticeship will typically last 1 to 4 years
Apprenticeships range from Level 2 - Level 7 Apprenticeship levels range from the equivalent of a GCSE qualification up to a masters degree qualification level
An apprentice will spend 80% of their paid time on the job 20% of an apprentices time will be spent learning away from their job such as classroom lessons. 
Apprentices will earn at least minimum wage Apprentices are paid the National minimum wage as a minimum but many employers will pay a higher rate than this
Apprentices do not pay for their training All apprenticeship costs are paid by the employer or government