Enhance your number skills and career opportunities 

Whether you are embarking on your first job, seeking new roles or aiming for a promotion, you can find a Multiply course to support your journey.  

Courses can help: 

  • enhance your CV and application 
  • boost performance at interviews and assessment centres 
  • deal with tasks and problems at work 
  • support your colleagues and customers 

Why Multiply? 

Boost confidence 

Maths can help in many aspects of work, regardless of your specialisation or industry. Even small improvements in your skills can significantly boost your confidence at work.  

Practical application 

With Multiply, you can expect to learn through real-world examples and scenarios, making it easier for you to apply your new skills to advance in your profession. 

Flexible learning

 Essex Multiply courses offer a diverse range of learning options to fit your learning preference and schedule. Choose from bite-sized courses to in-depth learning for formal qualifications.    

Tailored courses

Multiply courses are tailored to cater to different career paths and job roles. They are designed to provide skills that are relevant and immediately applicable in your professional life.  

Find a free Multiply course for you.