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About EASI Hairdressing Academy

EASI Hairdressing Academy is not like other colleges or training providers. You won't find classrooms or teachers, at EASI you’ll by guided through your journey by exceptional Hairdressers and find yourself surrounded by likeminded people, passionate about your success and helping you step into the incredible industry that is hairdressing!

Our training is bespoke to the salon and apprentice needs with a “mix and pick” training calendar and one to one coaching, we know that becoming a successful hairdresser is about solid foundations of knowledge, skills and behaviours wrapped up in passion and creativity.

Come and find out more and let us guide you to your full potential.

Our key provisions

School leavers

EASI believe an Apprenticeship is the best way to become a fully qualified Hairdresser straight from school – lessons and practical training delivered by our Trainers (who are very much Hairdressers at heart) from our Training Centre, alongside learning on the job in your salon….. and getting paid to do it!


EASI deliver the City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma Hair Professional Apprenticeship through a mix of salon-based learning and EASI training. This Apprenticeship programme means you will learn on the shop floor in your salon (watching the masters at work while earning an Apprenticeship salary), as well as learning in the safety of our fully equipped Training Centre in Colchester, where you will develop and practice your skills with our Trainers who still work as successful stylists. Our training sessions help the ‘why’ and ‘how’ come to life so you have all the knowledge to back up your practical skills.

Higher Education

EASI offer courses for experienced and qualified Hairdressers – for example City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals and TAQA (Assessor) Qualification. Apprenticeships are available to learners of all ages and government funding may be available. 

Adult learners and Professional Qualifications

EASI offer Hairdressing courses to learners of all ages and with various levels of experience.  A variety of courses are available and depending on your circumstances, you may receive government funding to study. You can also apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to help finance your course fees if you are not eligible for funding.

Support for Employers

EASI work closely with our salons and have devised a unique training programme that moulds to individual needs. We offer guidance to salons who hire government funded learners and support the recruitment, training and employment processes.

Why us?

As an independent specialist training provider, EASI Hairdressing Academy is proud to have delivered hairdressing training courses to learners since 2003.  We believe in challenging stereotypes and supporting individual needs, while encouraging creativity at every opportunity to keep learners engaged and inspired.

Quality and Welfare underpin the EASI approach and to ensure we stay on track, we frequently review our business with our Governance Team, evaluating the training we offer and the effective use of public funds.

We receive observations from City & Guilds, Matrix quality assessments and participate in the rigor of Ofsted Inspections.

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