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Start your own business

5.82 million Small businesses at the start of 2019
3/5 SME's account for three fifths of the employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector
200,000 More private sector businesses than the previous year

A starting point

The number of small businesses are continually rising and with the rapid growth of technology, the internet allows us to travel all over the world while being remote at the same time.  

It can be challenging, getting a grip on finances or building contacts in an uncharted sector but it has its benefits, you are your own boss; allowing for flexibility and independence to work on what you are passionate about.

Who has access to these services? 

The majority of their services are free to small businesses based in Essex and Southend

What support and services do they offer? 

The business bookshelf - browse through a collection of articles and tips for all stages of your business. 

Training and courses - search for a range of workshops that will help you gain new ideas and skills for your business. 

Work-space - providing tailored and affordable work spaces that provide business support. 


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