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Green Sector

Green Sector

Green Jobs

 For a long time, Green Jobs have  been considered as a separate sector, attracting those with a love for the environment and wanting to ensure that natural resources were not damaged for financial gain.  However, as we all move to a more sustainable way of life and combat climate change, all jobs will become green.  Whether, green by the nature of their business, green in the processes and manufacture of products and services or green in supporting and facilitating businesses, ensuring they do not damage the planet as a by-product of their activities.


Green jobs are growing Nationally and in Essex!

The number green jobs are set to rise in the UK from over 600k to over 1.18million by 2050.  Essex is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growing number of green jobs.  With London and mainland Europe on our doorstep its clear Essex is the place to be for green job creation.  With vibrant coastal communities and renewable offshore wind production and the new freeport statuses which are destined to create direct and indirect green jobs…what are you waiting for.

‘Green Jobs are for hippies!'

The opportunities in the green job sector are vast.  From direct green jobs; in Wildlife Conservation and Land management, to Sustainable Urban Drainage for flood prevention.  Indirect green jobs are just as diverse, in Construction, Logistics or Healthcare to name but a few. With organisations signed up to achieving net zero, these roles are increasing, with every employee playing their role in delivering the objectives.  There are jobs helping businesses to become greener for example: energy efficiency consultants or ecological consultants who make recommendations on how businesses can continue to deliver products and services without polluting the planet.  There really is something for everyone!

Top skills

  • Social and Environmental Awareness
  • STEAM Skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Digital, Mathematical) 
  • Diplomacy & Tenacity
  • Project Management
  • Adaptable
  • Willingness to learn

Green jobs are cross cutting into each of the sectors on this portal. Check them out too!


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