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T Level Industry Placements


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Industry placements are part of the government’s reforms to technical education aimed at boosting productivity and giving young people the skills your business needs.

Industry placements give young people studying a technical course practical experience directly related to their course, helping to prepare them for the world of work. Employers play a key role in creating these opportunities for young people at the start of their careers. Placements help develop technical and employability skills and build confidence.

The Department for Education recognises that industry placements are new and a big adjustment for employers. Therefore, it is very important that as many employers as possible across all industries start working with local providers now to plan and deliver T Level-style placements so that the introduction of T Level courses from September 2020 onward goes smoothly.

By offering a placement, you could help young people develop technical and employability skills relevant to your business. Placements last for a minimum of 315 hours (roughly 45 days) and might be delivered as blocks or regular days each week, depending on the learning plan for the course.

As T Levels are set to be “the biggest shake up of technical education in a generation” and we need employers like you to get involved, we have developed a full section dedicated to the T Level journey which we will continue to add to over the coming months and years enabling our Essex employers to offer the best possible Industry Placements so they can build their future talent pipeline. 





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